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Sadashivgad ~ Karwar

Location: Sadashivgad, Karnataka, INDIA
Fort type: Coastal fortress (this is different from Island fort or जलदुर्ग)

NH-17 (Now NH-66) Runs between the duo
Nestled along the Kali River, atop 200ft. lies an untrespassed sancity of heaven, Sadashivgad, truly guarding the coastal strip along karwar. 

The history rolls back to the year 1715, when the Fort of Sadashivgad was built, under the rule of King Basava Linga of Sonda Dynasty. Naming it after his father, King Sadashiva, it had a prominent place, historically and mythologically. The existence of Goddess Durgamma, falls back even before 1500 in chronological order. The Great Maratha Ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had visited this place twice, 1665 and 1673, and captured all coastal parts of Uttar Kannada. Sadashivgad fort was one of them. Shivaji Maharaj was a devotee of Goddess Durgamma.

Entrance to the fort
The fort has witnessed a transfer of power, from Sondas, Kadambas, Portuguese, Maratha, British. After Treaties and wars, Portuguese obtained the possession of the fort and then the East India Company got the control over the Fort in the year 1799. The stone made crest of the British Crown found on the top of the main entrance gate, displayed here, speaks of the British supremacy for number of years.

The Ancient monument of Durgamma was rebuilt and restored in 1928 by the reputed navigators of the old Rulers. The 11 canon's at the Temple's entrance unfolds the vibrant history of this fort. Note that no canons can be seen on the fort, but they are placed at the temple entrance.

Durgamma temple
Current Condition: The fort lies in ruins as most of it was brought down by East India Company under the command of General Matthew, fearing the fact that if the Maratha rule continued, English could have no chances against them, as this was only gateway to southern India. Though the fort has not attracted the attention of the historians, it has greatly influenced the tourism department of Karnataka. The fort area has been leased out to run a resort by Tourism Department. Only the collective efforts of Archaelogy Survey of India, Tourism Department and the historians can conserve the pride of India.

And as of 2016, the remaining fort was destroyed for making a 4-lane highway. The story coming soon.

View from the top of the fort
Update (as of 1st January, 2017): They have already demolished half of this mountain which housed the fort. The remaining half, is already in fucked-up condition. The canons were moved to the temple below. Only existing and standing structure of this fort is the fort-walls near the entrance, the half-fallen archway and the तुळशी वृन्दावन. Thanks people for taking such extra care to erase the existing history.

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