Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Trek to Nageshwar and Vasota

Fort type: Forest Fort (वनदुर्ग)

Nageshwar (नागेश्वर) and Vasota (वासोटा) - Well, the need for trekking in the forest, visiting an old fort, an hour of a ferry ride and a strenuous climb, all are satisfied here. But all you need to do this is a permission from Koyna Wildlife Reserve (forest department). Yeah, thats because this whole thing spreads along the backwatrs of the most famous Koyna (कोयना) dam. Its actually a Tiger reserve (कोयना व्याघ्र प्रकल्प) but the Wild Boar (रान डुक्कर), Indian Bison (गवा) are a commonly found wild animals here. 

People usually take the following route (toll route):
Satara (सातारा) - Bamnoli (बामणोली) - Met Indavali (मेट इंदावली) - Vasota (वासोटा)

We first climbed Nageshwar, visited Vasota fort, then camped at a God-forsaken place the second day, deep inside forest, then made an unsuccessful attempt to reach a village on other side, then headed back on the fourth day. 

(The story of the successful attempt coming soon. It was during December 2014, exactly one year later. Link will be posted here as well)

Till then, enjoy a few pics and videos !!

From Vasota Fort
A short version of the trek to Vasota and Nageshwar, IN

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