Friday, 15 May 2015

[Cycling] Karwar - Kadra Dam - Karwar

Date: 8th May, 2015

My first ever long distance cycling trip. Total journey covered was almost ~70 Km in 4.50 hrs with half an hour of break at Kadra Dam, without a Smart phone, without a GPS. I started the journey at 5.37 AM sharp. I carried a small Quechua bag-pack containing 1 Ltr water bottle, chocolates, some snacks and a road map. The road was pretty clean. The journey till Kadra was more pleasant as compared to my return trip. Yes, the Sun was overhead by the time I got home. I spotted 3 Malabar Pied Horn-bills at three different locations. They swooped across the road, over my head and perched on the farthest possible branch of a near by tree. Three to four White-bellied Sea eagles made an entrance near the Kadra dam reservoir. The majestic bird with the wingspan of 6 to 7 ft, it resembled the IAF delta winged Mirage 2000 aircraft. A few snaps of my journey --- 

A temple near Asnoti Station @ 5.47 AM

Crossing Hankon


Left Gopishitta. Its about to Sunrise

A river after Balni

Forest Check-post

Wildlife reserve

At the Anshi Ghat junction

At the junction

At the junction

Kadra Market Road

Road to Kaiga

The Kadra Dam

Kali River

A selfie with the Dam

Indian cycle- HERO
Fixed Gear, Iron Frame


A selfie with the cycle and the Dam

We've gone places !!


Return Journey

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