Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Vadgaon - Kudpan - Pratapgad Trek Photolog

वडगाव - कुडपण - प्रतापगड : एक स्वर्गीय अनुभव
Date: 11th & 12th July 2015

Got an wonderful opportunity to do this heavenly trek with Arun Sawant Sir and his team. We started from Mumbai on friday night and reached Vadgaon the next morning at 6.00 AM. Vadgaon is a picturesque village nestled in the thickly forested mountains. It was dry in Mumbai, but the scenario was completely opposite here. We were surrounded by 1000 shades of greenery (not 50) with torrential streams making their way through the valley. We crossed the col (महार खिंड) to reach the other side of the mountain to Kudpan village. Our night stay was arranged at Javjibuva's home. In the evening I accompanied Pramod Sir to see the Bhimachi Kathi (भीमाची काठी) pinnacle and the famous 1000ft. waterfall. The final day trek was Kudpan to Pratapgad. It was a long walk along the ridges of the nearby mountains. The route was pretty simple. There were a few exposed patches but with proper caution they were negotiable. In contrast to the calm and quiet atmosphere of the trek, Pratapgad was booming with vociferous crowd and uproarious vehicles. We were back by Sunday 9.30 PM. I was trying to recollect the memories of my previous trek here. I did find out a few new things on this trek.  

Note: Shelar Khind (शेलार खिंड), a pass (col) which takes you from Kudpan to Pratapgad is no more. It was demolished recently (somewhere after 2010, not sure when) while making the roadway. I am lucky that I had been here when I was a child. I thank my parents for bringing me here and for having shown me this historical route. Now no such col exist, but a much simpler route takes you from Kudpan to Pratapgad

Trek starts from here, right in front of the temple. 
The trail takes you into the forest and climbs gradually.
We crossed the water-stream twice.
There is a nice waterfall near the second crossing. 
Reached the famous Mahar col (महार खिंड). 
Found this near the col. Locals call it पानविंचू 
Getting down from the other side of the col to reach Kudpan
This is the Mahar col.
Col allows us to pass from one side of mountain range to another.
Moss on the rocks
A natural loop
Reaching Kudpan village
You can still fight outside the village border.
Reached Kudpan village. 
They look healthy. 
Total height of this waterfall is about a 1000 ft.
This is just a part of it.
Bimachi Kathi pinnacle (या सुळक्याचे नाव भीमाची काठी)
River Jagbudi (जगबुडी नदी) 
Reaching Pratapgad the next day. Mahabaleshwar is on the
left side. The tar road is visible from here.
Reaching Pratapgad
Thats Pratapgad !!

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