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Cave Exploration at Klövberget, Tyreso

Date: 10th Oct. 2015
Location: Klövberget, Tyreso (Stockholm, Sweden)
Coordinates: WGS84 N59°12.756 ', E18°21.047 '

Group photo inside the cave
Klövberget is on the Tyresö's southwest side and have about 1 km long mountain side which largely goes straight down into the calf Bay. Some of Stockholm's most classic trad lines are located in Klövberget. This cave in Klövberget looked more like a demolished mountain. Long ago, a part of this huge mountain had crashed inside (imploded) and this resulted into a 300 m long cave. 

Source: Internet

I happened to stumble upon the map of this location. Klövberget is labeled first in the legends area. I was helped by Joakim Ambrossan, who knew every inch of this cave. Thanks to him, I was able to lead a group of 10 people inside, all by myself.

Leading the way inside the cave!
Bay area
The northern part which partially goes down into the bay, partly on solid ground is about 300 m long and 10-30 m high. Some overhangs can be easily spotted here. Some part of the rock is quite loose and vegetated and yet there are only a couple of joints made on this part of the mountain. On the part of the mountain that have solid ground under them, is the rock having strong foundation and most of the loose rock have been removed. On those routes where there are still loose material indicated included in the description.

Excellent view covering the bay
Some of the famous crags ( for rock-climbing)
Another view. There are Swans around this area
This is how I reached the place:
(Metro and bus)
08:46 T-Centralen, green subway no. 18 heading to Farsta Strand 
08:55 Get down at Gullmarsplan 
09:05 Go to bus station at Gullmarsplan, take blue bus no 873 heading to Nyfors 
09:21 Jump off at Tyresö centrum 
09:24 Take bus no 805 from Tyresö centrum heading to Ällmora 
09:51 Get down at Solstigen
Walk approx. 900 m to Noretvägen 40 and go 100 m left. There is a harbour for small boats. Walk along the bay to reach the starting point of the cave. They have an excellent fireplace for barbecue. 

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