Saturday, 16 January 2016

Winter Hike: Lida to Fleminsberg [18 km]

Date: 10th Jan, 2016

Mikael and Nika exploring the possibilities
With the new year came the opportunity to hike in the snow-laden trails of Sörmlandsleden in South Stockholm. Out of the total 1000 km of winding paths in the county of Sörmland, we walked the parts of 6 and 6:1, from Lida to Fleminsberg ~18 km. This hike was hosted by Mikael and we were a group of seven hikers from Stockholm.

The night-temperature the day before, went as low as -18ºC and the day-temperature was as high as +2ºC. I had kept myself 'layered' to maintain the warmth inside my body- Shirt-Shirt-Sweater-Down Jacket and the gloves as well. 

Helenelund pendeltåg station (Line 36) > Tullinge pendeltåg station > Bus 721 to Lida > Fleminsberg pendeltåg station > Helenelund pendeltåg station

Helenelund Station. Looks different in Winter!
Trail starts here

The highway

Frozen Lake!
When nature gives you Snow, you skate on it! The best part of winter is the frozen lakes and all sorts of fun associated with it. In this lake, someone had tried to measure the strength of the ice layer by throwing a huge stone in it. You can see the brown colored section in the pic above.  

The trail was quite steady and well-marked, except for a few odd places where the markers were covered-up by snow. At times we were the first group to walk on the fresh snow-trail (no footsteps apart from ours!). 

Apart from the thick forest and wilderness, we crossed many houses, open fields, roads and direction markers. Fortunately, there were no snow showers but the snow accumulated on the trail was hard and sometimes it was tough to walk on the slippery path. It started getting dark by 3.30 PM, approximately same time we reached Fleminsberg station. 

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